Film: Open Shadows: The Story of Teal Swan. Now it is possible to support the movie!

Teal Swan is known as The Spiritual Catalyst publishing videos on Youtube. Among other things she speaks of Shadow work. I find her approach and wisdom incredible! Teal Swan was born with a range of extra sensory abilities including clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and claircognizance.

I’ve only watched the trailer that you can watch further down so far I find it to be very inspiring. If you have the opportunity, please donate on to support the Open Shadow movie. I believe it is an important production.

OPEN SHADOW is the inspiring story of Teal Swan, a survivor of ritual and sexual abuse who is now an empowered and progressive spiritual luminary. This is the story of Teal’s every day struggles with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, the story of a human being whose body remembers what her soul has forgiven. This is the inspirational story of Teal healing others, while still in the process of healing herself.

Source: TealFilm on Vimeo

This is how Teal herself explains the movie and her perspective on her Facebook page:

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A year ago, I was contacted by a documentary filmmaker named Paola. I agreed to her proposal, which was to follow me for over a year. A “behind the scenes look” at my life. Since Paola embarked on her project, I have grown very fond of her. I have actually enjoyed the filming process and it is turning into a beautiful and inspirational film. Paola has been approached by multiple production companies that want to fund the film, but who want to take the film in a different direction that she does. Because of her dedication to her original vision, Paola decided to start a crowd funding campaign to see the project through to completion so she can maintain the integrity of the film. Seeing as how I am the subject of the film, I cannot contribute financially to the project. This would be a conflict of interest. But obviously a documentary does lend publicity to my career and my mission, which is facilitated by my career. For this very reason, I thought to myself “Who better to fund the film than people who are dedicated to seeing the messages inherent in my life and my work spread?” Which is why I have decided to help Paola by putting her crowd funding campaign offer to you. Have a look at the trailer for the film. Even though this film is not a project of my own, it would be a great joy for me to see it come to fruition and to see it give people hope around the world.
With love always,
Teal Swan

Open Shadow: The Story of Teal Swan Trailer

Interesting video with Russell Brand

Hello there, I’m glad you’re visiting Flowing and Growing! I hope you are feeling welcome because you are.

I recently came across this video with Russell Brand. In the video he talks about meditation, being a vegetarian and most of all awareness.

Russell Brand – Awakened Man

I find the video very interesting, do you?

You can find Russell Brand’s website on the link here. Through his website one can order the DVD Russell Brand: Messiah Complex in which he “questions the values of heroes and leaders”.

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Are You An Earth Angel? – About an interesting book by Doreen Virtue

The amazing Doreen Virtue does a lot of incredible things! Among the things I appreciate are her CDs and books. I have bought a few CDs on Amazon and in the store Mandala in Malmö. The CDs with Doreen are great! Thanks to Doreen I’ve learned more about indigo, crystal and rainbow children, learned more about Archangel Raphael and how to connect with angels. She speaks a lot about angels – an interesting subject!

The book Assertiveness for Earth Angels by Doreen Virtue is a guide for the ones she calls Earth Angels. Watch the video clip to find out more about this interesting book and what she means with Earth Angels. If you want to buy it then you can find it on, Hay or for my Swedish readers on Adlibris. I do hope it comes out on CD since I find it easier to listen to her than to read by myself.

Thank you, Doreen, for all your interesting insights! :)

Are You An Earth Angel? by Doreen Virtue

Openhand Foundation’s Divinicus World Tour

The persons behind The Openhand Foundation are arranging lectures around the world on the foundations World Tour. Among other places they are visiting Berlin, Malmö, Cape Town, Sydney, New York and Vancouver during the autumn and winter 2014. See the whole program below and find more information on their website here.

Openhand foundation World Tour - Flowing and Growing