Are You An Earth Angel? – About an interesting book by Doreen Virtue

The amazing Doreen Virtue does a lot of incredible things! Among the things I appreciate are her CDs and books. I have bought a few CDs on Amazon and in the store Mandala in Malmö. The CDs with Doreen are great! Thanks to Doreen I’ve learned more about indigo, crystal and rainbow children, learned more about Archangel Raphael and how to connect with angels. She speaks a lot about angels – an interesting subject!

The book Assertiveness for Earth Angels by Doreen Virtue is a guide for the ones she calls Earth Angels. Watch the video clip to find out more about this interesting book and what she means with Earth Angels. If you want to buy it then you can find it on, Hay or for my Swedish readers on Adlibris. I do hope it comes out on CD since I find it easier to listen to her than to read by myself.

Thank you, Doreen, for all your interesting insights! :)

Are You An Earth Angel? by Doreen Virtue

Openhand Foundation’s Divinicus World Tour

The persons behind The Openhand Foundation are arranging lectures around the world on the foundations World Tour. Among other places they are visiting Berlin, Malmö, Cape Town, Sydney, New York and Vancouver during the autumn and winter 2014. See the whole program below and find more information on their website here.

Openhand foundation World Tour - Flowing and Growing

Film: The Amazing You

A new interesting movie again! :) This time The Amazing You. It’s 53 minutes long and it’s downloadable for approximately 18 dollars on the The movie is written by Dragos Bratasanu. I haven’t watched it yet but it seems to be about personal development and how to focus and achieve success. Have you seen The Amazing You? If so what did you think of it?

The Amazing You Trailer


Here’s more about The Amazing You from it’s Facebook page:

“We all had big dreams when we were children. Maybe we gazed at the stars at night hoping to touch them with our hands one day or maybe we admired the birds flying across the oceans, knowing one day we will do the same. Some children held on tight to their suitcase filled with dreams and one day they became what they have only imagined many years ago…But sadly most of us forgot or abandoned this suitcase in one of the stations of life, never to recover it again.

Now as adults we face the greatest struggle. Filled with fear and anxiety we try and most of the time fail to honestly answer these questions: Who am I? Am I the one that I really want to be? What’s my purpose in life? How can I be happy?

…But the answer lies in the abandoned suitcase. How can we even dare to search for happiness when we do not have the courage to be honest with ourselves? How can we search for more purpose in our lives when we ask the questions but fail to listen to the answers that come from our heart?

You are welcome to join us on this journey, to discover your true purpose and to discover new ways to make it a reality. This journey allowed the mind of man to expand beyond its frontiers, this information allowed humanity itself to travel beyond our world, to shatter the paradigms of our limits as people and to build our vision for a great future. And now, this information will be in your hands.

Keep in mind…Once you set foot on this breathtaking journey of exploration, you may never go back. Once you take the first step in the direction of your most wonderful dreams and your highest purpose in life, you can only walk forward, never backward. You will be guided by the people who literally took humanity out of the cradle – planet Earth – and up into the playground of stars. NASA legends that put man on the moon and landed robots on Mars, rock stars that inspired generations with their music and entrepreneurs that changed the social paradigms with their business genius will share with you the fundamental principles for creating and living a truly fulfilled, happy and meaningful life. Together we step into the future.”